Sunita Biharie ‘s TEDx Talk about racism


TEDxAPELDOORN – “When I was six years old the youth care office placed me in a foster home with white parents. At that age I did not speak. I never showed my feelings. There were children that weren’t allowed to play with me because of my skin color.   Many time they would shout things at me like “ monkey, blackpete, youre dirty go and shower, you look like poop and many things more.  Instead of crying about this , I defended myself by not needing anyone  to play with  Ok so they though  this strawberry was not good enough because it’s not yellow.

If I were white I wouldn’t have grown up with this problem. It’s a fact that in our  society a white skin color gives you privilege.  There is a name for it white supremacy.  The things I am going to say right now,  might make some of you feel uncomfortable. Hell, it made our whole society feel uncomfortable these last few years. I don’t have the intension to hurt anyone but I won’t let my voice be tamed.

There is a traditional children’s party on the fifth of December. In that party there is  a figure we call Black Pete. It’s a human being with black painted skin , with a frizzy black wig , red painted lips looking like blackface .  Now I can talk with you about why Black Pete is racism. I can tell you about the stereotyping and what it does with some black children. That children are coming home saying I don’t wanne live anymore if I can not be white or all the children who are standing under the shower scrubbing their skin in the hope it will become white .

But I won’t because the core of the problems is the system. Racism effects every aspect of life . It’s in a children party but also in our education, ethnic profiling in our police system , economic and much more.

There is a big difference in being white and not growing up with daily racism.  Most of the white people don’t even know how much racism there is,  they don’t know what black Pete does with some children of color and being black while growing up with racism in every aspect of life. Did you know that a lot of dark people are bleaching their skin.. Just think about it for a moment how would you feel if everywhere you go the color of your skin is working against you.”

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