Brief van een vluchteling , voor Nederland

I wasn’t from another planet.

I didn’t come from a country far away.

I wasn’t without hands, without eyes, without feelings and emotions.

I’m an Arabic guy avoided by everyone around me. Asked to never take a step into the light and stay just as I am, doing nothing, keeping my mouth shut, keeping quite. Like we were born never to know the meaning of life, to be cut off from all our rights to it.

My rights, my humanity, about this life I’m living so far away from reality, forced to hide every single fact that hurts me and is killing me inside.

Laying in the boat of death trying to find my way, because there’s nothing else left to do. And it was my final chance to get freedom. Looks like I am not the only one who feels this way. Looks like a whole generation is trying to find a new horizon to the future, the horizon of death, the horizon that decide my whole life.

What, where and who am I going to be. A new human born again? With the awful past, trying to make a new beginning in my life? Or the same guy with more horrible facts in the expatriation prisons?

When I thought about it , I didn’t care about the scary dangerous things on the way.  I believe that my future is going to be there after I pass all of this. Just like the sunshine behind the rain. The rain that makes my weak body get stronger.

No matter how the path that am going to take, will be. Or how much risk it will need. Because I can’t hold my feelings inside anymore.

 If I’m going to die. I will die trying to get that dream, to live one more day in peace. Feeling human and not some animal, forced to do what I’m asked. And not what I want to do, or be, I’m only human.

So what can I do, I need a future, a future for my family, my happiness, and to see the people happy and safe. I don’t know if I’m asking too much,  but I hope not, because this is my only wish in life.

And after I finally reached the first step, after such a long and hard way, I did it! I did it,  because I believe that when you have a dream you can make it. And, yes, I made it!

After we arrived in Apeldoorn,  I saw an unexpected treatment from so many great people. People saying, you are welcome in our home any time. They didn’t ask me what religion I had,  they didn’t care what my skin color was, they themselves were from different religions, some of them secular, Christian, atheist etc.., and they were all treating us all the same.

400 people felt just the same, happy, free, or maybe I should say human!

I can finally know what humanity feels like, know what it means. I’m so thankful for being alive, and really alive for the first time in my life. And grateful for people I still don’t know well. Then I felt something new, a new feeling grew inside me day by day.

 It’s the new horizon!



Gast- auteur : MHAMED ALHINDE

I draw and write articles and I work in the field of design and repair of computer programs I play the piano.


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